Season 3, Show 19, July 7, 2012

The Ozark Harvest Radio Hour is pleased as punch and busting it’s buttons because it scored an interview with KMO (otherwise known as Kevin Michael O’Connor), host and producer of C-Realm Podcasts, a series of interviews with some of the most important thinkers and theorists of the day. KMO educates our host about how technology has irrevocably changed our economy, society, and culture, and how those changes have made it more and more difficult for people to find an equitable place in the job market and the mainstream. We are also pleased to give a shout out to the new newspaper in town, the *Eureka Springs Independent*, and we get to hear David Lee Bell describe another way to think about food and farming. Yes indeed! The Ozark Harvest Radio Hour is *organic* radio: not always perfect, not always pretty, but always fresh, local, and honest!

Complete Podcast (zip file)

Playlist on YouTube–plays all tracks in order

  • Track 1: A shout out to the Eureka Springs Independent and Part 1 of an interview with Kevin Michael O’Connor.
  • Track 2: Part 2 of an interview with Kevin Michael O’Connor (KMO).
  • Track 3: Public service announcements, 2012 Carroll County fresh Photography Contest, and Adios.